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Core Philosophies

Growth through critique
Quality trumps quantity
Strength in community
Excellence through education
Diversity breeds happiness Integrity through professionalism

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About The Clay Coop

A group of people with a common characteristic or interest working together within a larger society.


We will be holding events open to the public like:  

Artist presentations

Gallery shows

Community outreach 

Mission statement

Our mission is to provide a collaborative professional working environment and educational space wherein the unique talents of the individual can be amplified through learning, evaluation, and cooperation to create a community that is truly greater than the sum of its parts. 


“The Classroom”, a learning facility for people interested growing their skills with the assistance of an instructor.  We will be providing high-level education by established artists from the clay community. Classes will range from beginner’s skills to advanced techniques, and will explore the diversity of clay.  Our goal is to provide a guided self-discovery in ceramics by utilizing targeted learning based on feedback from the students.



Private Classes​

Event Space


Slab Roller



Glaze Lab

High Fire Electric Kilns

Test Kiln