We will be holding events open to the public like:  

- Artist presentations

- Gallery shows

- Critiques
- Workshops
- Community outreach 

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About The Clay Coop

A group of people with a common characteristic or interest working together within a larger society.

Core Philosophies

- Growth through critique
- Quality trumps quantity
- Strength in community
- Excellence through education
- Diversity breeds happiness
- Integrity through professionalism

Mission statement

Our mission is to provide a collaborative professional working environment and educational space wherein the unique talents of the individual can be amplified through learning, evaluation, and cooperation to create a community that is truly greater than the sum of its parts. 


We offer studio and shelf spaces as an incubator for established artists to hone their work.  The environment provided eliminates the burden of purchasing expensive equipment and maintaining it. We facilitate easy access to various types of clay and glaze materials.  Through the use of critiques we will elevate the skills of the artist in ways that are impossible while working in isolation.  
        We have expanded the space to include “The Classroom”, a learning facility for people interested growing their skills with the assistance of an instructor.  We will be providing high-level education by established artists from the clay community. Classes will range from beginner’s skills to advanced techniques, and will explore the diversity of clay.  Our goal is to provide a guided self-discovery in ceramics by utilizing targeted learning based on feedback from the students.
       In addition to the formal education provided by The Classroom, we will have available a membership to this part of the warehouse.  This membership is for people who would like to have 24-hour access to the equipment in The Classroom during non-educational hours. 


24/7 Access

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 Classroom Membership 


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