The Clay CoOp will be offering classes in its expanded space, ‘The Classroom’.  In this space we will be offering many new opportunities for our community to connect with clay and learn from our artist instructors.  Check out the information below to see what best suits your needs:

Rolling Admission Classes
8 weeks - $280
These classes are perfect for students of all skill levels who like to follow their own lead.  You know what you want to do, you just need help getting there!  We’re here to guide you. Our student directed classes offer an open studio environment with direct one-on-one access to qualified instructors.  Classes will max out at 8 students to maintain an ideal intimate student to instructor ratio. These classes operate on a rolling admission platform which means there is no beginning and no end.  Classes will meet once a week for 2.5 hours.  On your first day you will be provided with a 25 pound box of clay.  All necessary tools and materials will be provided. Additional clay is always available to purchase if need be.

Wednesday Morning


Instructor: Chris Landers

Wednesday Evening


Instructor: Chris Landers

Curriculum Based Classes
These classes have a more structured learning environment.  Beginning to end, there will be an instructor helping you through the course with a clear goal in mind.  Classes will vary in direction and skill level from session to session so keep an eye on our calendar to sign up! Classes will meet once a week for 2.5 hours.  On your first day you will be provided with a 25 pound box of clay.  All necessary tools and materials will be provided. Additional clay is always available to purchase if need be.

Pots designed for the table and hand

Thursday (8/16-10/4) 6:30-9pm

​Instructor: Katie Aldworth 

8 weeks - $300

This class will explore pots designed for the table and the hand. We will discuss and practice utilizing forms, glaze, and other surface treatment to yield ware that elevate the dining experience and create a presence without competing with the food and drink that they hold. Design practice will include a focus subtle characteristics that affect aesthetic, function, and durability of these pots created to integrate into the habits of our daily lives. Your instructor has experience as a professional cook at DC restaurants including the Tabard Inn and Etto, and has created pottery for area restaurants including Etto, Mola, Tail Up Goat, and a Rake’s Progress, and The Cup We All Race For. She also has collaborated with specialty coffee experts to design cafe and competition ware.

Introduction to the Wheel

Saturday (9/29-11/17) 10-12:30pm

Instructor: Jon Kerr

8 weeks - $300

Jon Kerr began working with clay in high school, continued in college and rounded studies out with classes at the Torpedo Factory. His focus is functional ceramics, and he enjoys pushing the material in new directions, always interested in novel forms. When seeking solace from a cubicle without windows office job, he renewed his passion for working with clay in 2007.
Since then Jon manages the kilns and teaches at District Clay, and teaches at Guy Mason Rec Center in Glover Park, and at TJ Arts Studios in Arlington. He has  attended conferences and workshops ranging from NCECA in Houston and Pittsburg to Simon Leach in New York City. When not teaching and working with clay, Jon is a freelance graphic designer. 

Finding your Own Path in Clay through Hand building- a 10 week- thematically guided course.
Tuesday (10/2-12/4) 9:30-12pm

Instructor: Natalia Kormeluk

10 weeks - $375
 From using your hands as forming tools by pinching and coiling, to forming slabs by the free-thrown method or using the slab roller, this class will cover a range of methods and tools needed for manipulating the clay and completing both functional and sculptural forms. The class will be thematically guided from week to week and will provide both the basic techniques for getting started with clay and present the latest advanced techniques used by contemporary potters today. The surface will be integrated with the form-making with proper consideration at each stage from wet clay to the bisque and glaze stages. All work will be fired in the studio, and an exhibition of completed work will take place at the end of the course. Students will have time to pursue their own work in class as well as have access to open studio for additional work time.

Natalia is an experienced potter and teacher, having taught pottery and sculpture full-time for 40 years at The Field School. During her career as a studio potter/ teacher she explored a wide range of wheel and hand forming techniques with her students as well applied them in her own work. She remained current in her techniques by hosting artist potters in her school studio, by attending workshops and presenting many of her own. Natalia has exhibited nationally and internationally in one person shows and group juried shows. He work is in private collections as well as at the University of Pittsburg, the Heritage Center at Manor College in Pennsylvania, and the National Museum of Ukrainian Pottery in Ukraine, where she recently completed a Residency, instructed an International group of potters, and curated an International Clay Sculpture Symposium.  She received her Master of Fine Arts degree in 1982 From Antioch University.

Open Studio (for currently enrolled students)

This will Expand with our classes.

Monday (6:30-9:30pm) Tuesday (12:30-2pm) Wednesday (3:30-6pm) Thursday (10am-12:30pm)

Classroom Memberships 
Monthly - $175
For those who are interested in a space to work outside of the offered classes.  The Classroom Membership provides you with 24 hour access to The Classroom space during non-educational time with access to all of it’s equipment and materials.  Members also receive a discount on classes, purchases from The Catalyst Gallery, and workshops!


Soda Firing with Denise Joyal 

At the CoOp with Chris Landers - glazing/slipping/wadding (9/19 7pm-9pm) Loading at Denise's (10/19 7pm-Finish) Firing at Denise's (10/20 12pm-Finish) Unloading(TBD at Firing)


Denise Joyal MFA, adjunct Professor of Ceramics at Wilson College, hosts a 3 day
workshop regarding theory and practice behind successful atmospheric firing. This will be a very intimate workshop with only 5 participants. Each Participant will be allowed approximately  2cu of kiln space (slips and glazes included). Please bring ^10 bisque ware. Please email with questions about clay bodies or any other concerns.

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